.NET Empowered Desktop Applications

The Microsoft .Net framework is a powerful tool when combined with the power of Microsoft Visual Studio® 2008 or 2010.

Using this trusted development environment, we can create the most powerful  applications suited to your business requirements.

Rich Interfaces, Deep Skill-sets

We use a variety of products to increase the power and intuitiveness of the application interfaces and enhance the end-users experience.  These components (such as the Klik!Soft Components) enable us to speed development and give you and your end-users a powerful and productive product.

Skills that go into your product;

Transform your specifications into a cost-effective information system application.

Custom (Business) .Net Components / Controls

In addition to desktop applications, we also build custom (non-commercial) .Net components and controls to enable your development team to meet their deadlines on time.

If you have a development team or you are a developer that needs a custom component or control, we’ll build them for you.

Types Of Applications

Usually Database Driven

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Commercial & Custom Web & Desktop Products

DataObjx is a participant in the Microsoft® Independent Software Vendor Program