Our Services

We’re very flexible in the services we provide.

For example, not only do we create sophisticated desktop and web applications,  but we also provide other services that meet your business requirements.

Powerful Win-Form Applications

There’s no doubting the power of a Windows Desktop Application.  Some interfaces are suitable to the web, and others, like administrative interfaces are better suited to the desktop.  It’s a blend of both.  Promote your presence on the web, administer it at your convenience.

Here at DataObjx, we create both interfaces for you.

Standard Web Site’s and Database Driven Web Applications

Don’t know where to start, or already there - it doesn’t matter.  We’ll assist you through the various processes to enhance your existing site or get you up and running on the Internet!  Database enabled or not.

Newsletter Publication

We’ll take your Microsoft Word document and convert it into a PDF file, readable by users world wide.  In addition, we’ll convert it to a page flipping user experience to enhance your  advertising dollar.    

We’ll transform your monthly newsletter, menu or article to a digital magazine!

Experiment with the two examples below;

Other Services

Automation & Data Conversion

Do you need to convert older files to modern ones?  Or do you want to dynamically parse electronic reports into a spreadsheet with the click of a button?

DataObjx can build the data conversion utility to make your life easier!

Other services are listed below.  

Just because we didn’t list them individually or otherwise mention them, doesn’t mean we don’t take then seriously nor perform the required service.

Below we list a few of the additional services we provide designed to enhance your customer’s experience or empower your development team.

If we haven’t mentioned it here just ask!

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DataObjx is a participant in the Microsoft® Independent Software Vendor Program