Technologies Used In Our Applications

We us a variety of technologies to meet your application requirements.  Some of the technologies we use (but not all) are listed here to provide you with an idea of the development tools we use.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (Corporate and Express Editions)

If you have serious need for a database driven application (whether for the desktop or for the web) we recommend Microsoft SQL Server for business/corporate needs.

We can design your database and build the stored procedures that are needed drive the application interfaces.

Applications For Home Users, and more...

We use an an Embedded SQL Compatible Database Engine that is powerful and is largely used in situations where the end-user is unlikely to need the power of Microsoft SQL Server or the knowledge to install it.  Most often, this database would be used for applications aimed at the home user.


We drive your data needs using Microsoft SQL Server® 2005 or 2008 for corporate and home user or use  a zero footprint (no database installation required)for data requirements in non-server environments.

Database Technologies

Other Technologies

Application development today means that you carry an arsenal of tools designed to increase your productivity and speed development while maintaining the professional appearance of the application or web site.  

There’s just too may to list...

Other applications such as PDF creation tools, Graphic manipulation tools, Web Site development tools and so forth are just some of the tools we use to create a professional end product.

Implementation, development and maintenance of Microsoft SQL Server database applications.

Capabilities include:


Additional Microsoft SQL Server Sills Include

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