We use a number of Third Party .Net Components or other software.  We also strongly believe in participating in community forums that help other developers.  This section contains a number of tutorials that we’ve created.

Klik!Software .Net Winform Controls

Klik!Software created a huge library of controls that are used in winforms development that result in an enhanced user experience and speed development of the application.  Some of the techniques used with the controls are not always readily apparent.  In this section we provide one or more tutorials that show you how to best leverage the use of some of the more powerful controls.

Probably one of the most powerful controls (and one of the most difficult to code for) one see’s in desktop applications is the TreeView control.  The standard TreeView control that comes with Visual Studio is not easy to program and has certain constraints (or lack of features) that can really cause some hair pulling.  But Klik!Software produced an awesome TreeView control - that even has built in recursion.  In this tutorial we show you how to use this control in your applications.

Serif Product Tutorials

We utilize a number of Serif products that help us create professional web sites, exciting graphics, brochures and other publications.  They are all excellent products that enhance our productivity and help us deliver professional results quickly - saving you both time and money without sacrificing professional results!

DataObjx produces beautiful product catalogs, newsletters and magazines into PDF publications.  

We can also produce PDF’s that can submit their data directly to a web database!  This is great for registrations, surveys and other data gathering needs.  The Serif documentation mentions that this can be done, but does not elaborate with an example.  This tutorial demonstrates how one creates a PDF file that can submit it’s data to a web site database.

CodeCharge Studio (By YesSoftware)

A few years ago DataObjx produced a number of magazines aimed at teaching developers techniques they could use to produce database driven web sites with CodeCharge Studio.   Though we only produced four issues of the magazine, and although they were produced quite a few years ago now, the information they contain is still relevant today.

To view these magazines click on the links below.  Perform a right-click –> Save target as... For the source code links.

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